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恩典之路 or „ The Path of Grace” is a song dedicated to all seekers of God who live in communist China.

Its lyrics call to gratitude regarding the Only God:

„You are my Lord. You lead me in the path of righteousness.
In the high mountains or the low valleys you protected me.
In the midst of million people you love me and know me.
Your promises of blessings will never change.
Step by step, this is the path of grace.
Your love, Your hand will grasp me tightly.
Step by step, this is the path of hope.
Your love, Your hand, will guide me through this path of life”.

The song恩典 之 路 was composed by Zeng Xiangyi, supported by Stream of Praise Music Ministries  –  a Californian organization which purpose is to support the creations of religious Christian songs in Chinese.

In order to ease Chinese access to Christian programs in Mandarin, Good TV, a Christian television channel in Taipei (Taiwan), broadcasts a series of religious programs in order to “spread the faith, hope and love”.

Although the broadcasts of Christian programs are censored today, by grace, the Chinese people still get access to them and to the Word of God  –  with 67 million Christians being officially reported in China, and unofficially an estimated 130 million Christians in this communist country.


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