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Miriam is a Christian girl of ten years from Iraq, which fled with her family from the ISIS, when the city of Qaraqoush, near Mosul, passed under the control of the Islamic terrorists in 2014.

Miriam’s family started to live into a devastating insecurity and instability, abandoning everything, except God. Miriam and her family were able to flee in the city of Irbil (Erbil) in the autonomous region of the Iraqi Kurdistan, where at least 70,000 people have fled.

On Christmas, Essam Nagy – a journalist, presenter at SAT TV 7 (a Christian satellite emitting channel for the Arab world) visited Miriam’s refugee center.

Taking an interview to this “anonymous” girl, the journalists together with the viewers were astonished. Miriam became the symbol of innocence, faith and wisdom of the children thrown into the “arms” of ruthless persecution. She was simply grateful for Essam’s empathy proven during the interview, empathy that she needed so much!

Miriam’s testimony:

Currently, even though unfortunately too few Christians from Syria and Iraq were able to reach the refugee centers in Europe, according to the latest information, once they reached Europe they continue to be attacked by their Muslim “fellow refugees” just because they believe in Jesus Christ  –  for example, in Sweden.

Let us pray to God that he offers all His protection and love to these hard tried Christians.

Nowadays, Miriam (Miriam Behnam by her full name), moved with her family into a two bedroom trailer in a community of displaced Christians in Erbil. ISIS closed in to this city and in another interview, Miriam said that she heard of the atrocities perpetrated by the Islamic terrorists, especially against young Christian girls.

On March 16, 2015, a Lebanese television has indirectly united Miriam and her friend from Iraq, Sandra (who fled with her family in Beirut); the television program was conducted in Arabic. At a given moment, Miriam spoke in Assyrian and said ܠܐ ܒܟ̣ܝܬ ܣܢܕܪܐ -. She then switched to Arabic and said “Don’t cry, Sandra, my friend, don’t cry”.  Speaking in the language of Christ, Miriam unknowingly but defiantly affirms her Assyrian ethnicity and her Christian faith.

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