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The famous actor Morgan Freeman travels around the globe to explore the way in which different cultures view God.

The premise is that even though cultures differ greatly around the world, their common thread is the belief in God. In this sense, Freeman travels to 20 different cities across seven countries of the world (including Israel, Egypt, Mexico, India or the United States).

Freeman said that “The Story of God” appeared to his mind six years ago when he visited the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul – (built 1,400 years ago and, transformed into a mosque in 1935) where he observed that the frescoes were devoted to the Jewish and Christian faith..

Freeman admitted to have a special fascination with God and to the way in which God is understood by different religions. Freeman’s new documentary essentiallyspans 5,000 years of the earth’s religious experience“.

“The Story of God” will also highlight the differences regarding worlds’ beliefs: for example, all faiths believe or hope in the afterlife, but this is ‘treated’ differently by Christians, pagans, Hindus, Muslims etc. This is also available for the perspective of the person (energy, spirit or practices) through which religions understand that salvation is obtained.

Watching the documentary is recommended for our general cultural development regarding the philosophies and practices of former or currently existing religions.

“The story of God” will premiere at 9 p.m. ET April 3 on National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Mundo.

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